Ultimate Ears Boom 3 vs Roll 2: Which Is a Better Bluetooth Speaker?

If You are in a Hurry! here is a quick comparison of UE Boom 3 and UE Roll 2.


UE Boom 3

UE Roll 2


7.2 x 2.8 inches

5.3 x 1.6 inches


1.34 lbs

0.72 lbs

Wireless pairing

Ultimate Ears (UE)

Ultimate Ears (UE)

Water resistance



Frequency range

90Hz – 20kHz

108Hz – 20kHz

Charging Time



USB Port

Micro USB

Micro USB

Battery Life

Around 15 hours

Around 9 hours


Two 2-inch

Three (1-inch / two ¾ tweeters)


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 4.1



If you are thinking about buying a small portable Bluetooth speaker, Ultimate Ears has the right thing. They have a wide range of Bluetooth speakers from small and portable to large party starters.

In today’s comparison, we will put Ultimate Ears Boom 3 vs Roll 2 and find out which is the best small Bluetooth speaker.

They are both uniquely designed Bluetooth speakers that are made from high-quality materials, making them waterproof. Surprisingly, they have a great sound performance, which you need from a small Bluetooth speaker.

About Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is one of the fastest-growing Bluetooth speaker companies in the world. Their products quickly became the first choice for customers since they are very durable, have many features, and excellent sound quality.

Ultimate Ears is an American based company that is owned by Logitech. If you still haven’t heard about them, you’ve probably seen their unique Bluetooth speaker design with the oversized plus and minus sign that look like a cross.

UE Boom 3

UE Boom 3

Ultimate Ears went through a lot of changes to get to the Boom 3 and it is an excellent upgrade from its predecessor. This is a mid-sized Bluetooth speaker that delivers an extra punch.

Considering its small size, it is perfect for carrying with you but it is still enough to start a small party. It has two 2-inch drivers alongside two passive radiators.

Just like most of the Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speakers, it has a cylindrical design that sits vertically. The Boom 3 is covered in high-quality fabric with rubber edges to withstand hits and drops.

The best thing is that it has IP67 certificate, which means it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, the Boom 3 floats in water so you don’t have to worry about water damage if it goes beneath 1-meter dept.


  • Beautiful design
  • Very durable
  • Wireless charging available
  • Loud enough
  • IP67 Certificate (waterproof and dustproof)


  • The wireless dock is purchased separately
  • No 3.5mm jack

UE Roll 2

UE Roll 2

On the other hand, we have the Ultimate Ears Roll 2, which is very different from the Boom 3.

First of all, its unique sphere-shaped design is unusual for Ultimate Ears. The UE Roll 2 has exactly the same shape and size as its predecessor, with only a couple more graffiti design options.

The tweeters are covered with a fabric mash that doubles as a protective grille, and on the backside, the Roll 2 is covered in soft matte rubber.

Considering its small battery capacity, it can last up to 9 hours between charges, which is good enough. This is the smallest Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears, but it still provides decent audio performance.

Of course, you cannot expect the best sound in the world from a small-sized speaker, but it is still enough to keep you entertained.

Which is Better UE Roll 2 or Boom 3?

Since we are talking about speakers from different categories, we have to compare each specification to find out which is the best.



Both Bluetooth speakers are good looking, but they have different approaches when it comes to design. First of all, the Boom 3 has the more traditional cylindrical-shaped design we’ve seen in every Bluetooth speaker that Ultimate Ears released.

On the other side, Roll 2 has a very unique sphere-shaped design that is best for playing musing in your swimming pool since the Roll 2 floats on water. The Roll 2 is a very small Bluetooth speaker, and surprisingly lightweight coming in at only 330g.

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In contrast, we have the Boom 3, which has the traditional Ultimate Ears cylindrical design that sits vertically. The Boom 3 is more mid-sized speaker since it is considerably bigger and heavier coming in at 548g.

Boom 3 has an IP67 certificate, which means that it is waterproof and dustproof. On the other hand, Roll 2 has only an IPX7 certificate making it only waterproof.

The best thing about the Roll 2 design is that it floats on water, and its sphere shape provides great audio dispersion when you play it in the pool. It is a small speaker that can even be carried as a keychain.

Winner: Roll 2

Sound Performance

Sound Performance

When it comes to sound performance, in most cases, bigger is better. That is the situation with the Roll 2 vs. Boom 3. Given the size of the Roll 2, it still surprises with a loud sound, which is enough to fill a medium-sized room.

Just like any small Bluetooth speaker, the only problem is lows and bass. Roll 2 can produce very clear mids and highs, but the lows are very muddy.

That is not the case with Boom 3, which has great sound performance and beefy bass. Additionally, Roll 2 has a lower frequency range of 108Hz to 20kHz, whereas Boom 3 can reach from 90Hz to 20kHz.

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This doesn’t actually mean that Roll 2 has a better sound. In fact, Boom 3 is running rings around Roll 2 when it comes to sound performance.

Additionally, Boom 3 has a 360-degree angle for sound dispersing, whereas Roll 2 only produces sound from the front.

The highs and mids are comparable, but when it comes to lower sounds and bass, Boom 3 is a much better Bluetooth speaker.

Winner: Boom 3


Connectivity is a vital part of every Bluetooth speaker. However, Ultimate Ears is a company known for providing some of the best connections for Bluetooth speakers on the market.

In fact, both of these speakers have an outrageous range. The Boom 3 has an incredible 45 meters of range, and Roll 2 has a 15-meter range.

Both speakers have the same Micro-USB charging, only Boom 3 has an option for wireless charging if you purchase a charging dock. The only drawback that comes from the Micro-USB charging is the slow charging times.

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Another great thing is that both devices come with a UE Boom app that lets you operate your Bluetooth speaker remotely and tinker with the EQ settings while playing music.

The Roll 2 can be paired with another Roll 2 for a stereo sound, but the Boom 3 can be paired with another for stereo or with more than 150 other Boom speakers for a huge party.

Winner: Boom 3

Battery Life

Since they come in different sizes, obviously, Boom 3 has a longer-lasting battery. Boom 3 has a battery life of 15 hours, whereas Roll 2 has a battery life of only 9 hours.

Given that both devices don’t have an USB-C option, they have slow charging times. The Roll 2 will be charged fully in 5.5 hours, whereas the Boom 3 is fully charged in 2.75h.

As we mentioned, the Boom 3 also comes with a wireless charging feature that is nice to have, but you also have to purchase a charging dock.

Winner: Boom 3

What Is The Difference Between the UE Roll 2 and Boom 3?

Sound Quality

The most important difference is the sound quality. Roll 2 is a casual Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for keeping you entertained while traveling. The lack of drivers is responsible for the lower sound quality.

Roll 2 has only one 2-inch driver and two extra small tweeters. On the other hand, Boom 3 has two 2-inch drivers and 2 passive radiators, which means it produces more lively sounds.

If you want a Bluetooth speaker for chilling by the pool, Roll 2 is great, but if you like more deep sounds that can start a party, you should go with Boom 3.

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No Battery Level Indicator

One of the biggest design letdowns is the lack of an LED battery level indicator on Roll 2. The only way to check the battery is if you open the app on your phone. Otherwise, you will be left with no idea of how much battery you have.

Boom 3 has a battery level indicator that flashes once it goes down to the bottom.

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Another important difference is the overall design. Roll 2 is mainly designed for traveling. The small size and lightweight makes the Roll 2 very portable. Plus, it has a carrying strap that can be attached to your backpack or keys, so you will have music everywhere you go.

Boom 3 is significantly bigger, and it is designed more for home entertaining, rather than traveling.


Choose the UE Boom 3 if:

  • You want harder bass.
  • You want longer battery life.
  • You want a stable Bluetooth connection.
  • You want EQ settings.
  • You want Wireless charging.

Choose the UE Roll 2 if:

  • You want a more portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • You want precise highs and mids.
  • You want customized colors.
  • You want a small speaker that floats on water.

Both Bluetooth speakers are great, but they are designed for different occasions. Boom 3 is more powerful option that delivers outstanding sound with a hard kick and on the other side, Roll 2 is more for casual listening to music.

The obvious choice should be the Boom 3, except if you want to purchase a Bluetooth speaker for traveling.

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