Logitech G430 vs G432: Which Gaming Headset Is Better?

If you are in a hurry! here is a quick comparison of Logitech G430 vs Logitech G432.


Logitech G430

Logitech G432




Surround sound



Frequency Response




32 ohm

39 ohm


9 oz

19.93 oz




Response bandwidth

50 Hz – 20KHZ

100 Hz – 20KHZ

Microphone Sensitivity

90dB SPL/mW

107dB +/- 3dB

Dolby Digital



Custom EQ





Since the number of gamers is continuously growing, new gaming accessories are coming every day to improve the overall gaming experience. When it comes to gaming accessories, a gaming headset is a must-have gaming accessory that will help you have a better in-game orientation.

There are many gaming headsets on the market, but we’ve selected one of the best performing headsets from Logitech G430 vs G432 for this in-depth comparison test.

Let’s dig deeper into each headset specifications and find out which is better Logitech G430 or G432.

About Logitech

Logitech is a well-known computer accessory manufacturer, and they have been creating innovative computer solutions for over 30 years. Their most popular category is manufacturing mice for desktops and laptops, but they’ve also entered the audio industry and came up with a couple of great products.

In fact, they own a couple of audio-based companies like Jaybird and Blue Microphones. So, they know their way around in the audio department.

Logitech G430

Logitech G430

Logitech G430 is an affordable gaming headset that will surprise you with how much it offers for the money. It features an attractive black-and-blue design, and the best thing is that it has a comfortable foam padding that will let you play games for hours with no discomfort.

In terms of durability, the Logitech G430 is made from thinner plastic than premium gaming headsets and steel, but it feels sturdy and compact.

It comes with standard audio and microphone jack in addition to a USB connector. However, the gaming performance is where these headphones shine. You could hear enemies coming from different directions, and it can really improve your gameplay.

Logitech has one of the best gaming software programs on the market. This software will help fine-tune your audio performance for different games. The only issue is that it doesn’t allow you to create and save profiles, so you have to redo the settings after switching to another game manually.

The music performance is not great. Bear in mind, and we are talking about a headset specifically designed for gaming. It works, but you will find much better equipment for the job.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great-looking design
  • Decent gaming sound
  • Good microphone


  • Limited software features
  • Not good for music

Logitech G432

Logitech G432

So, after four years, we finally got an upgrade to the Logitech G432. Logitech claims that they’ve designed a much better gaming headset that also has a decent music performance.

In terms of design, little has changed over its predecessor. The Logitech G432 is built with roughly the same materials, and it feels the same as its predecessor. It features a flexible, non-removable boom mic attached on the left ear cup and a dual volume dial on the back.

Logitech G432 feels comfortable enough and will not cause discomfort after long playing hours. The new pleather ear cups don’t press too heavily on your ears, but they do get hot after a long gaming session.

When it comes to gaming performance, the Logitech G432 provides a rich and vibrant sound programmable on your PC. They are very well balanced, and the bass and treble are tuned just the right way to improve your in-game hearing.

You can connect the G432 via AUX and USB. If you connect them via USB, you can tweak the sound-performance in the Logitech G Hub software. They have DTS7.1 surround sound, as well as noise reduction. However, while the stereo sound was strong, the surround sound feels a bit muted.

In terms of music performance, they will surprise you with the quality. You can tweak the audio options on your PC, and your music will sound fine. There is a great balance between sound tones and no distortion at high frequencies.

It is important to note that the music performance is not as great as traditional headsets tuned for music, but since you are buying a gaming headset, that is an obvious thing to expect.


  • Decent sound quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Many connection options
  • Great software


  • The design feels a bit dated
  • You need a USB connection for best performance

Logitech G432 vs Logitech G430 – Face-To-Face



It seems like Logitech found the ultimate design with the G430 and decided to stick with it even with the new G432. There is nothing wrong with the design on these headphones, but people expected something to spice things up.

The design on the Logitech G430 and G432 are almost identical. They come in the same two-tone color option with neon blue, but the G432 is less distracting than the previous version. The padding cover is not standard black instead of blue, and it is the same with the cable.

Both headsets are equipped with a noise-canceling microphone under the left cup, which can be bent left or right for better positioning. There is the “G” logo on each earpiece, and the earcups can be swiveled up to 90 degrees to lie flat on your table.

The G432 is a bit smaller when it comes to size, with dimensions of 7.2 x 3.1 x 6.8 inches compared to the G430 with dimensions of 7.25 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches. However, despite the smaller size, the G432 weighs more than twice than its predecessor, coming at around 20 ounces compared to the 9 ounces on the G430.

Another important change is the padding on the earcups. The previous version G430 came with soft and comfortable foam padding that made them very comfortable to wear even for long hours.

With the new version, the G432, Logitech decided to ditch the foam padding and go for pleather ear cups, which are also comfortable to wear.

Since we are talking about wired headsets, it is essential to mention that the G430 came with 2.3 meters long cable, and the G432 only has a 2-meter long cable, which is plenty enough.

Winner: Tie

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The type of connection can have a significant impact on the audio performance on your headset. With the G432 wired gaming headset, you can connect to your console using a 3.5mm TRRS plug.

However, if you are gaming on a PC that doesn’t have a TRRS port, you can switch to other options. There is a 3.5mm splitter included in the box that can transform your connection to a USB port.

By connecting your gaming headset by USB, you’ll get much better sound quality, and you will gain access to surround sound features.

The connection is the same as the Logitech G430. It comes with standard audio and microphone jacks in addition to a USB connector that will make the job much easier.

Winner: Tie

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Gaming Performance

Gaming Performance

Since you are buying a gaming headset, your main concern should be the sound quality while gaming. Fortunately, both of these gaming headsets are perfect for gaming, considering that they are a budget-friendly option.

Logitech G432 offers an excellent gaming experience. If you play on the console, the surround sound feature is not available, but the stereo sound provides a good enough experience. Also, the surround sound isn’t necessary for every game.

The Logitech G432 has a very accurate frequency response for a gaming headset. The sound is well balanced with little over-emphasis in the bass range but pretty consistent.

This means that explosions or gunfire in-game sound deep with excellent background music.

In comparison, the Logitech G430 also provides a reliable in-game experience. Just as the G432, the G430 has Dolby 7.1 surround sound, which is only possible if you connect your headset via USB.

Just to have a better idea about the sound quality on both headsets, let’s compare some numbers.

The Logitech G432 has a 10mm bigger driver unit (50mm) from its predecessor, with only 40mm. This makes the G432 a louder and more precise sound. Additionally, the sound pressure level on the G432 is 107dB/mW vs 90dB/mW on the G430.

On the other hand, the Logitech G430 has a lower impedance, which means that it is easier to reach higher sound levels and requires less power. The G430 has 32 Ohms compared to the G432, which has 39 Ohms.

Both headsets provide tight isolation, which acts as a passive noise canceling. But, considering that they have a thin plastic covering the ear pads, turning up the volume to the max can be noticeable to people around you.

Overall, both of these gaming headsets have good-enough in-game performance. However, the situation is different when it comes to music performance.

The poor music performance on the older Logitech G430 was the only problem with that gaming headset. However, Logitech addressed this issue with the G432 by improving the frequency response and making the sound more balanced.

Winner: Logitech G432



The microphone is an important part of your gaming headset, especially if you communicate with your friends while playing or stream.

Fortunately, both gaming headsets have decent microphones. The best thing is the noise-canceling technology on the G430, which blocks out any ambient noise and focuses only on your voice. Unfortunately, the G432 doesn’t have a noise-canceling microphone.

The only disadvantage to the microphone on both headsets is the emphasis on the bass and mid-range, which means that people with deeper voices may sound a bit distorted. With that said, both microphones perform great with higher-frequency sounds.

The G430 has lower response bandwidth coming at 50Gz-20KHz, compared to the G432 with 100Hz – 20KHz.

Overall, both have decent performance, and you will not be disappointed.

Winner: Tie

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Stand Out Features Of Logitech G430

Neodymium Magnet

It is safe to say that we don’t see many budget headphones with neodymium magnet, so it is a positive thing to see in the Logitech G430. Neodymium magnets make the product lighter and more powerful than ferrite magnets.

This means that the G430 has more bass and more evident high notes, with no additional weight.

Passive Noise Reduction

Unlike modern headphones with active noise canceling, budget-friendly options like the G430 are equipped with passive noise reduction. This means that they sit tightly in place, which creates an acoustic seal and reduces background noise.

This is an excellent feature for a gaming headset, and the design on the G430 is great for blocking outside noise.

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Noise Cancelling Microphone

The microphone on the G430 is outstanding. It is a noise-canceling microphone that blocks almost any other noise in the room and focuses only on your voice.

Stand Out Features Of Logitech G432

Stereo Speakers

Having a stereo speaker on your gaming headset improves the usability of the device. You can use the G432 while gaming or switch to listening to music, and due to the stereo speakers, you will have a great listening experience.

Control Panel On The Device

For added functionality, the Logitech G432 is equipped with a control panel on the device body. This means that you can easily access controls at any time without having to interact with the cable or other device that your headset is connected to.

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Compatible with Xbox Live

Fortunately, you can use this headset for a private chat, in-game voice chat, or audio and video chat using Xbox services. This was a huge drawback for its predecessor since it doesn’t have this feature.

Which Gaming Headset is Better, Logitech G430 or G432?

Choose the Logitech G430 if:

  • You want a better microphone.
  • You want a passive noise canceling.
  • You want a more affordable gaming headset.
  • You want a lighter design.

Choose the Logitech G432 if:

  • You want better in-game sound quality.
  • You want more sync options.
  • You want stereo speakers.
  • You want better music quality.

Although the Logitech G430 is four years older than the G432, they are still evenly matched. Both gaming headsets are great and will create an excellent gaming experience.

If you want more modern technology, you should go with the G432, but the truth is, the G430 will do the job just as well.

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