JLab Epic 2 vs Jaybird X3 Review- Which is The Best Option?

If you are in a Hurry! here is a quick comparison for JLab Epic 2 and Jaybrids X3


JLab Epic 2

Jaybirds X3

Frequency response

20Hz to 20kHz

20Hz to 20kHz







AptX support



Battery life

Up to 10 hours

Up to 8 hours

Driver size





Earbuds are growing in popularity because they are perfect for listening to music when you are doing any form of physical activity.

In this article, we’ll compare two of the leading products in the fitness earbuds category: JLab Epic 2 and Jaybird X3.

On paper, both these wireless earbuds have excellent specifications, but to find out which one is the best, we need to dig a bit deeper into their characteristics.

JLab Epic 2

JLab Epic 2

JLab is a company which has gained popularity in recent months. Slowly but surely, the company is building a name for itself. Just because it is not such a popular audio company, people are quite surprised when they hear what JLab has to offer.

The situation is the same with their latest in-ear wireless Epic 2 headphones. Let’s see what they have to offer.


The design of these in-ear headphones is a factor that we need to address. The JLab Audio Epic 2 headphones look great. Even though these fitness wireless in-ear headphones are limited in the design department, they still manage to pull off a premium look.


They are sleek black, and the silver logo really pops out. The trouble with most in-ear headphones is that they look quite bulky, and most are uncomfortable to wear. This is not the case with the JLab Audio Epic 2.

The hook for the ear is very thin and almost unnoticeable. These headphones come in three color varieties (black, blue, and red), and they all look outstanding.

The wire which connects the two earbuds has in-line controls that are quite easy to use. Basically, the three buttons can be used to skip songs or answer calls.

In the box, you will find a range of different ear tips which can be used to create the perfect fit for your ear.

Another thing that’s important to know is the JLab Epic 2s are splashproof with IPX5 certification. This doesn’t mean that you can submerge them in water, but they can easily survive rain or a sweaty exercise session.



One of the most important factors to consider when buying fitness headphones is comfort. The Epic 2s feel excellent in your ear. This means you can wear them for a few hours without experiencing any discomfort.

The eight different ear tips are also great for establishing a tight fit in your ear, and they are all made from soft silicone which minimizes friction.

If you decide to go with the JLab Epic 2, you will have no problem with comfort, even while exercising.

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Sound Quality

Sound Quality

You must understand that most in-ear fitness headphones cannot compare to more traditional headphones in terms of sound quality. The truth is, sound quality is not the company’s most important aspect when it comes to these headphones.

With that being said, they can still provide a sound which is more than good enough to keep you entertained when exercising.

The bass is phenomenal, even though the earphones are tiny. You will be able to hear punchy kicks and drums, which will pump you up.

Also, the mids are well balanced, and they are just present enough, even though the bass can be very hard. However, the highs are where these headphones suffer. They cannot be heard well enough, and this makes your music less exciting.



The JLab Epic 2 offers great performance with 12 hours of battery life, depending on the volume level at which they are used. They also come with 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity which works at a distance of 30 feet.

More importantly, they have AptX, which is an audio compression codec for improving wireless music by reducing bit rate and latency without having any negative impact on the quality.

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One of the most important things when buying fitness headphones is durability. Because you will listen to music when doing physical activities, they should be able to withstand hits and bumps in order to last for a while.

The JLab Epic 2s are durable in-ear headphones made from high-quality materials. You should bear in mind that these headphones are in the middle price range when it comes to fitness headphones, so you should not expect absolute perfection.


  • Great design
  • Very comfortable
  • Decent sound quality
  • Waterproof with IPX5 certification
  • Great battery life


  • Highs are a bit bland

Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3

Jaybird is a brand which makes fitness earbuds that fans love. Its Jaybird X2 model quickly gained popularity among users as they perform really well in various situations.

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The design of the Jaybird X3 is outstanding. They come in different color options such as black, red, military green, and white and gold. As with most fitness earphones, they are neckband-style and can be worn either behind or in front of the neck.


As an addition to these headphones, you can include optional ear fins to improve stability.

In the box, you will find several accessories, including many different ear tips made from silicone or comply foam, a micro USB cable for charging, two cable cinches, and a protective pouch.

They are small earphones which are very comfortable. Another great option from Jaybird is that you can switch the left and right channels using their smartphone app. In this way way, you can have the three-button setup on whichever side you want. The buttons can be used for volume control, navigation, or answering calls.



Although they are small earphones, they can become uncomfortable after listening to music for a prolonged period of time.

That being said, the Jaybird X3 allows plenty of ear fit options and optional design that will stay secure no matter what physical activity you are doing.

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Sound Quality

This is the area in which the Jaybird X3s shine. They sound incredible, given their small size. Also, they don’t come with high-quality codec support but still manage to deliver an outstanding music experience and spatial awareness.

The bass is very loud, but it doesn’t upset the balance of the mids and highs. The earphones provide high-end sound which can be optimized through the app which is provided.

Even with the deep bass and low-frequency sound, they don’t distort even at high volume. The high-mids will bring out the clarity and crispiness of every song you are listening to.



Jaybird claim that its earphones give you up to eight hours of listening time, depending on the volume at which you listen to your music.

The X3s are equipped with 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity, which means that there is an option for share play, or to connect two sets of X3s to the same source. The connection will stay stable at a distance of 20 – 25 feet, and they will connect instantly with your device.

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Because they are made from high-quality materials, they are very durable. The only downside to the build quality is the lack of an IPX rating. They claim to be sweatproof, but cannot withstand light splashes of water.

They are well constructed and perfect for any physical activity.


  • High-quality sound
  • Intense bass
  • Cool color options
  • Share play with two devices from same host


  • Lack of IPX certificate (not waterproof)

Which One is Better, Jaybird X3 or JLab Epic 2?

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

As we have already mentioned, you cannot expect a sound quality which is capable of rivaling headphones designed for casual use. As we are talking about fitness headphones, their main focus is not sound quality.

However, they both offer decent sound quality. Despite their small size, they surprise with the amount of bass you can get from them.

However, the Jaybird X3 provides better sound balance. The real problem for the JLab Epic 2 is the highs. It seems like the bass, and deeper mids completely overshadow them. The situation is different with the Jaybird X3 as the music is spread across all channels.

– Winner: Jaybird X3

Build Quality and Water Resistance

Water Resistance

Both fitness earphones are well made and can last for a lifetime if you take care for them properly. However, as the Jaybird X3s don’t have an IPX certificate, the obvious winner is JLab’s Epic 2.

Even though they only have an IPX5 certificate, which means they can withstand splashes of water and light rain, it is still a feature which is good to have.

– Winner: JLab Epic 2

Battery Life

Battery Life

Another important thing is to compare the battery life of both fitness earphones. These earphones are designed for exercising, and both can easily last a few sessions between charges.

However, JLab’s Epic 2 can last two hours longer than the Jaybird X3, with an impressive ten hours of battery life. On the other hand, the Jaybirds only last for eight hours of controlled play, which is still fairly good, but a disadvantage in this comparison.

– Winner: JLab Epic 2



As you will be wearing these earphones when exercising, you should choose the option which provides greater comfort.

In this regard, both earphones are comfortable and come with a wide selection of different sized ear tips. However, the JLab Epic 2s are designed with ear straps which will feel much more secure on your ear. On the other hand, the Jaybirds have ear straps, but they are an optional extra.

Also, the neckband on the Epic 2 is adjustable to fit different physical characteristics.

– Winner: JLab Epic 2

What Is the Difference Between JLab Epic 2 and Jaybird X3?

AptX Support

As we previously mentioned, AptX is an audio compression codec which improves the quality of wireless music. Basically, it reduces the negative impact on sound quality by reducing latency and bit rate, and also circumvents the Bluetooth bandwidth problem.

JLab Epic 2s come with AptX support, and on the other hand, Jaybird’s X3 does not have this feature. However, the Jaybird X3 still sounds slightly better than the JLab Epic 2.

Driver Size

The driver size is also different on both of these earphones. The Jaybird X3s come with 6mm drivers which deliver the audio, and JLab’s Epic 2s have 8mm drivers. That is why the Epic 2s are a bit bulkier compared to the X3s and a little bit heavier


Choose JLab Epic 2 if:

  • You want longer playtime between charges
  • You want waterproof earphones
  • You prioritize comfort
  • You want AptX support

Choose Jaybirds X3 if:

  • You want better sound quality
  • You want smaller earphones
  • Design is essential to you
  • You want rich highs and mids

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