JBL Reflect Mini 2 vs Jaybird X4: Which Wireless Earphones Are Better?

If you are in a hurry here is a quick comparison of JBL Reflect Mini 2 vs Jaybrid X4.


Jaybird X4

JBL Reflective Mini 2




Battery life

Up to 8 hours

Up to 10 hours

Proprietary charging



Quick charge

Yes (1 hour for 10 minutes charging)

Yes (1 hour for 15 minutes charging)




Active Noise Cancelling



Passive Noise Canceling









Snap Lock



Custom EQ





The wireless audio market has become a competitive place where many companies are continually pushing technology limits with their products.

The wireless earphones came a long way since the first appearance back in 2004. They are more compact and deliver better audio quality.

In recent years, the fitness market grew, which allowed audio manufacturers to optimize their designs to fit this niche. That is why we can see wireless earphones that are more durable, more comfortable to wear, and more secure on your ear.

In this comparison test, we will put two of the most highly-rated wireless earphones, Jaybird X4 vs JBL Reflect Mini 2, and find out which earphones are better.

JBL Reflect Mini 2

JBL Reflect Mini 2

JBL Reflect Mini 2 are wireless earphones that deliver surprisingly powerful bass, alongside bright highs. The Reflect Mini 2 are exercise-focused Bluetooth earphones taking a serious piece of the fitness audio market.

In terms of design, they come in different colors such as black, light blue, dark blue, or neon green, and as the name suggests, they have a thin reflective neckband. Since they are exercise-focused earphones, JBL decided to go with an IPX5 rating, which means that they can withstand low-pressure water like rain or sweat.

The in-ear fit provides great comfort, and they will stay securely in place for every physical activity. They also come with silicone ear tips and separate silicone ear fins for extra stability.

They deliver excellent sound quality with no distortion, which is incredible since their bass is quite strong. One of the drawbacks of the Reflect Mini 2 is that they are not as loud as most other Bluetooth earphones, but it is enough for a good workout.


  • Solid audio performance
  • Intense bass
  • Water-resistant
  • Secure fit


  • Not for people seeking a transparent sound signature

Jaybird X4

Jaybird X4

On the other hand, we have the Jaybird X4’s, which went through a dozen improvements over the last models.

Jaybird X4’s are also exercise-focused Bluetooth earphones with more advanced design than most earphones in this price range.

The best thing about Jaybird X4’s is the passive noise isolation that comes from the unique design. This means that they block most of the ambient sound, which improves the overall listening experience.

In terms of design, little has changed over their predecessor. They have a similar shape, but there is a significant improvement over the quality. They feel more premium and durable compared to the last model.

The cable that connects both earphones is now thin, and they’ve also improved the control panel.

Like most in-ear earphones, they come with a range of different ear tips and ear fins, providing a comfortable and secure fit. On top of that, they come with an IPX7 certificate, which makes them completely waterproof.

The sound quality is also excellent. They provide good bass and balanced tones for every music genre.


  • Passive noise isolation
  • Stable and comfortable design
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality


  • Cumbersome charging cradle

Jaybird X4 vs JBL Reflect Mini 2 – Face-To-Face



Design-wise, both of these earphones look very similar. They are made from high-quality materials, and they look and feel great.

The Reflect Mini 2 comes with striking colors and a thin cable connecting both earphones, whereas the Jaybird X4’s don’t go in there that many color options, but the cable design is much better and higher quality.

Jaybird X4’s are also lighter, but not at a noticeable difference.

The most significant difference is the water resistance. The JBL Reflect Mini 2 only has an IPX5 certificate, which makes them water-resistant for light splashes, whereas the X4’s come with an IPX7 certificate, and they are fine even when submerged underwater.

Another thing to consider is the passive noise reduction. Both have similarly designed earphones, but the Jaybird X4’s provide a tight seal, which acts as a passive noise reduction. Unfortunately, the JBL Reflect Mini 2 earphones don’t have passive noise reduction.

Winner: Jaybird X4

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Since you are interested in buying exercise-focused earphones, then comfort should be your top priority.

JBL Reflect Mini 2 earphones come with plenty of accessories that will help you find the right fit. That way, you can experiment with different sizes until you find the perfect fit that will provide comfort while listening to music.

The tips and fins are made from soft silicone, which helps them stay secured in place without putting too much pressure on your ear.

The same goes for the Jaybird X4. They come with different ear tips and provide a tight seal in your ear.

Both earphones will stay in place no matter what physical activity you are doing.

Winner: Tie

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Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Now, we’ve come to the biggest deciding factor when buying new Bluetooth earphones.

Fortunately, both earphones sound very good, which is what you would expect from JBL and Jaybird.

The bass on the Reflect Mini 2 is deep and powerful, but not as powerful as the Jaybird X4. Both provide an outstanding sound balance, which is surprising since they have a relatively low price tag compared to other more premium earphones.

Even though the Jaybird X4’s come with a bigger driver size unit of 6mm than the 5.8mm on the Reflect Mini 2, they cannot go as low and as high as the Reflect Mini 2.

JBL Reflect Mini 2 has an excellent frequency range of 10Hz – 22000Hz, compared to the X4’s that come with 20Hz – 20000Hz.

JBL Reflect Mini 2 also has lower Ohm impedance 14 Ohms vs 16 Ohms. This means that there is less electrical resistance to the current being pushed through—the lower the impedance, the less power it uses for achieving higher volume.

The biggest drawback for the JBL Reflect Mini 2 is the noise isolation. They don’t have passive noise isolation, which allows ambient noise to seep into the mixture. This comprises the overall sound quality.

Another disadvantage for the Reflect Mini 2 is the lack of stereo speakers. On the other hand, the Jaybird X4 earphones have independent channels for both left and right sides, which creates a richer and better sound experience.

In conclusion, they both have decent sound quality, which is way beyond their price range. The Jaybird X4’s are louder and provide clearer and more vibrant sound due to the noise isolation and stereo drivers, but the JBL Reflect Mini 2 has a better sound range and sounds more balanced.

Winner: Jaybird X4

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Battery Life

Battery Life

Obviously, battery life is important since you are listening to music on wireless Bluetooth earphones.

The Jaybird X4’s have a mediocre battery life of 8 hours, the average for earphones at this price range. An eight-hour battery is not that bad, especially when you consider that they are fitted with fast charging, which can pump up juice for an hour of playback in only 10 minutes.

On the other hand, the JBL Reflect Mini 2 has an impressive 10-hour battery, and they are also fitted with a quick charge, which can pump up an hour of playback in 15 minutes.

Overall, they both have a decent battery life, which is enough for a whole week of exercising.

Winner: JBL Reflect Mini 2

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There is nothing more frustrating than losing a signal on your earphones. Fortunately, that is not the case with both of these models. The JBL Reflect Mini 2 earphones come with a more advanced 4.2 Bluetooth technology compared to the 4.1 on the Jaybird X4.

This means that you’ll get an instant connection and a range of about 33 feet. In comparison, despite the 4.1 Bluetooth technology, the Jaybird X4 can also pair fast enough and provide range from 25-30 feet.

Winner: JBL Reflect Mini 2

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Stand Out Features Of JBL Reflect Mini 2

Reflective Cables

Just as the name of these earphones suggests, the JBL Reflect Mini 2 have reflective cables, which are a very nice addition, especially when exercising outdoors.

The cables are designed to make yourself more visible at night. This is a great safety feature, especially if you are running in highly populated areas with many traffic.

Voice Assistance

The JBL Reflect Mini 2 earphones come with in-line control panel buttons used for skipping tracks, volume control, or summoning the voice assistance on your phone.

Voice assistance can be convenient, especially when you are accessing and cannot reach and change a song or answer a call.

Aluminum Construction

The best thing about the Reflect Mini 2 is that they are made from aluminum, which is unexpected for earphones at this price range. This improves the durability of the earphones, and since aluminum is light, they are very comfortable to wear.

Stand Out Features Of Jaybird X4

Custom EQ Settings

If you want to optimize the sound coming from the X4’s to your preference, you can do that with the Jaybird app that can be downloaded for iOS or Android.

The app has EQ settings to tweak the sound and make it more bass-friendly or focused on vocals. After you’ve made your personal sound profiles, you can save them to your buds.

IPX7 Waterproof Certificate

Since you are interested in buying exercise-focused earphones, they have to be ready to withstand all weather conditions.

The great thing about Jaybird X4 is that they have an IPX7 waterproof certificate, which means that they can be fully submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes without damaging them.

Which is Better, JBL Reflect Mini 2, or Jaybird X4?

Choose the JBL Reflect Mini 2 if:

  • You want better battery life.
  • You want a more rugged aluminum design.
  • You want a more stable connection.
  • You want a decent sound quality.

Choose the Jaybird X4 if:

  • You want comfortable and lightweight earphones.
  • You want an IPX7 water-resistance certificate.
  • You want a good amount of bass.
  • You want excellent passive noise canceling.

Both earphones perform surprisingly well for their price range. You won’t be disappointed by purchasing either of these earphones.

If you are mainly concerned about sound performance, you should go with the Jaybird X4’s, but if you want easier to live with earphones than the JBL Reflective Mini 2 should be the right choice for you.

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