Fitbit Versa VS Apple Watch 4: Face-Off Of The Smartest Watches

In this fast-paced technological world, the release of various smartwatches is nothing but common! Among the top players are Fitbit and Apple, producing stylish smartwatches that can do just about everything your phone does— with a great focus on fitness and health.

And in this battle royale, I present to you their most proud and smartest creations yet— the Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch series 4— two everyday, unisex and mainstream smartwatches with their very own app stores and that serious take on sports and health tracking.

​Now, this two are the most popular smartwatches of 2018. They may have a lot in common. However, these two watches are far from being identical. How? Join me in this heated face-off between two of the smartest watches ever made and find it out yourself!

The Winner: ​Apple Watch 4

​The Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch 4 are both designed to handle your everyday activities including checking messages, working our or simply keeping up with your daily steps. However, if “more” is what you are looking for, then the Apple Watch 4 clearly shines brighter in that term. Fitbit focus on fitness first, then smart, whereas, the Apple Watch 4 is smart through-and-through!

Apple Watch 4


Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Apple Watch Series 4

Screen Size

​1.34 in

​1.73 in


​300 x 300 pixels

​368 x 448 pixels


​38 g

​48 g




Interchangeable Band












Heart Rate Sensor



Battery Life

​4+ days

​18 hours





  • ​Relatively low price
  • ​Most customizable wearable from Fitbit
  • ​Lightweight design
  • ​Louder speaker
  • ​Lightweight design
  • ​Larger display


  • ​No GPS
  • ​Feels a little cheap
  • ​Small app store
  • ​Still on the pricey side
  • ​No always-on screen options


Fitbit Versa Review

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

The latest wearable device from Fitbit, the Versa, is an excellent re-design of their Flagship wearable, the Ionic, with lighter and newer design, and more personalization options than ever.

But, does it have what it takes to be called one of the smartest watch out there? Let’s find out!


  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Brilliantly clear and bright display
  • Newer and more accessible “squircle” design

Fitbit has not just updated the design of Versa; instead, they have given it a completely fresh look— one that seems more Apple Watch-looking than any of its previous wearable device.

It features a “Squircle” watch face design which is a square face with its rounded edges. In spite of its silly design name, the Versa is indeed more friendly-looking and handsome watch than its predecessors, particularly the Ionic, which turns off most people. The Versa is very much nondescript, therefore makes it look harmless, ensuring that your eyes can concentrate more on what is happening on display around it.

Being aesthetically pleasing, the Versa is also one of the most comfortable Fitbit smartwatches ever, thank its lightweight design. As a matter of fact, Fitbit claims that it is one of its lightest smartwatches yet, because of its slightly angled and tapered design and ultra-thin anodized aluminum case which is specifically built to fit large or small wrists.

Although lightweight, its material does not look cheap. It has a traditional watch-style clasp which is super easy to release or fasten and still retain a good grip during your intense workout.

​Regarding display, it has a colorful and vibrant touchscreen with the brightness of up to 1,000 nits, meaning that even underwater or in direct sunlight, it is easily visible, even if it is not turned up to its maximum brightness capacity.

Fitness Feature

  • Run detecting features can accurately detect when you have paused for rest
  • Swim track works perfectly underwater
  • Dedicated tracking modes with all major workout types covered

Perhaps to stay relevant in the era of the Apple Watch 3, Fitbit made sure that Versa is packed with fitness features, just like the Ionic, with the major removal of GPS.

Tracking your workout is pretty straightforward and works just like the Ionic. Whether it is HIIT, swimming, cycling or running that you want to track, there is a dedicated option for this on the Exercise App of the Versa which is accessible as the primary option in the main menu. This consist of Workout, Interval Timer, Weights, Treadmill, Swim, Bike and Run.

During your exercise, Versa will display a selection of your vitals, which varies depending on what type of exercise you are tracking. There are also other tracking variables you can see like time is taken or current time. And once you have entered your workout, you will get a summary. These data can be viewable in the app after you have since the Versa to your smartphone.

Another fantastic tracking capability of the Versa is its swim tracking. To do this, Fitbit made their smartwatch waterproof of up to 50 meters so that you can track your water activities with a dedicated swimming mode, and it works great. It can accurately track your laps in a pool, recognizing when you have reached the other side and started your next lap. Plus, it offers a concise and clear on-screen information with its brightly-lit display as you swim.

​Lastly, the Versa boast a Run Detect feature, meaning this watch is smart enough to know when you are taking a break. It stops tracking automatically and starts a cycle, swims or run by sensing your movements.

Battery Life

  • Last for about 3 to 4 days on a single charge
  • Proprietary Versa charger including a clip-in dock

Fitbit claims that the battery life of the Versa is not that impressive like its more expensive and bigger siblings. However, the total number of days that you will get out of the Versa depends on how many workouts you track through the week, the brightness settings you choose and if you use it to monitor your sleep.

​As for the actual device charging, Fitbit does not make its wearables get their life back via micro USB, so in case you’re traveling then you need to make room for its special charger. The good news is, the charger includes a clip-in dock, making it easier to charge than the magnetic pin on Fitbit Ionic.

Final Thoughts

  • ​4-day battery life
  • check
    ​lightweight and sleek design
  • check
    ​Lots of tracking choices
  • check
    ​Bright, clear screen
  • check

​Being the newest Fitbit smartwatch, the Versa is more beautiful and feature-rich than its predecessors. It brings a clear, bright screen, with new and improved tracking options to choose from and becoming waterproof to track all your water activities. And yes, you can track that for a whole 4 days without waiting for it to charge.

  • ​Small app store
  • ​Passive notifications
  • ​No built-in GPS

​Fitbit Versa is an excellent fitness watch but not that smart enough. Its lack of GPS tracking as well as a shortage of apps and irritating passive notification makes it annoying and frustrating sometimes.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Apple Watch 4

Apple believed that smartwatches are here to stay, thus creating the Apple Watch Series 4 to prove just that! Out of all the Apple products revealed during its event in September— which include iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS— it was the Apple Watch 4 which stood out. But why?


  • Lightweight
  • Screen far more usable
  • Much larger design

If you are going to take a closer look at this new Apple watch, you’ll know the difference. A bigger screen— 30 percent bigger to be exact. And although it is nowhere near edge-to-edge like others are suggesting, it is larger and more rounded than ever, giving it an impression of a rounder match without losing its square display.

Apple managed to fit so much into the device and with the increase of the screen size makes it very useful. It has allowed some new watch face including the infographic display which contains 8 complications of your choosing.

Series 4 Watch chassis is thinner too, and its weight feels light on the wrist like you are not wearing it at all. Its Digital Crown and multi-tasking and power button on the side were improved as well, providing a more premium click when pushed.

​Its back was also upgraded— using ceramic material still to allow radio signal through but with the addition of sapphire glass to enable the placement of radio antenna around the watch for allowing signals easier without your wrists hindering the frequency.

Fitness Feature

  • Automatic exercise detection
  • Pre-built workout plans
  • WatchOS5 pushes you to do some work
  • Electrocardiogram sensor
  • Fall sensor

Apple Watch Series 4 and has now the tech and design which makes it more useful and user-friendly than ever. It boasts an automatic exercise detection and works amazingly! If you run up steps or walk your way to the gym, it would automatically ask if you are about to start a workout.  The Watch 4 also features numerous pre-built in workout plans now including hiking and yoga which are quite simple to start and access.

If you leave the Apple Watch 4’s setting as it is, WatchOS5 is highly obsessed to make you stand up and do some exercise. And there are more watch faces which encourage this, too! Regular and almost hourly alerts will ask you to get out of that chair and move or sit back and breathe in case you are freaking out.  And it also motivates you to beat yesterday’s movement totals.

This can all be turned off if you feel annoyed though. However, if you follow all its advice, then I’m pretty sure you’ll feel better about yourself, making it a fantastic fitness advisor.

Fall detection is another addition which alerts you when you trip over, slip or fall and sends out an alert to emergency services as well as a selection pre-selected contacts in case you do not move for a particular time after the fall. This is such a great addition which can save someone’s life, particularly in older people who are more prone to slips and falls.

Another life saver feature of the Apple Watch 4 is its electrocardiogram sensor which can take an ECG and provides you with accurate results. It can also show you signs of atrial fibrillation. Although the ECG app is only available in North America, for now, to ensure that it works properly, hopefully, it becomes available in other places in the future.

Battery Life

  • 18-hours battery life
  • Quick charging

With a good focus on updating the Watch 4’s fitness features and designs, sadly, Apple did not make sug great updates on its battery life. Apple created the same “18-hours usage” from the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple’s vision is that smartwatches are something you wear during the day to track your daily activities and connect with a magnetic charger by night to get ready for a whole new active day tomorrow.

The 18-hours battery life of the Apple Watch 4 depends on your usage— playing podcasts, just tracking your movements, the brightness settings or whether you are using other vital features it has. It does have a power-saving mode but still runs out of juice by the end of the day.

​Charging, however, is reasonably quick. It only needs around 45 minutes I order to reach 50 percent. The charger itself stays as a small magnetic puck that clips onto the bottom of the watch. Magnets are so strong that it is not that easy to accidentally knock the smartwatch off once it is placed.

Final Thoughts

  • ​Plenty of straps, colors and third-party accessories
  • check
    ​Can replace your phone for a while
  • check
    ​Comprehensive, motivational fitness and health features
  • check
    ​Great, user-friendly software
  • check
    ​Great build and design quality
  • check
    ​Amazing, huge screen

​Being the one to steal the show at the launch of 3 new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 4 brings forth great upgrades, particularly in its design and software. The Watch 4 is also more health-focused than ever, pushing you to stay fit and get moving.

  • ​Does not track sleep natively
  • ​Won’t last a day
  • ​No always an on-display option
  • ​Only great for iPhone users

Apple Watch Series 4 is feature-packed and all, however, the constant need to charge it every day can be a bit frustrating for some. Also, the no always on-display feature can be quite irritating, plus, the fact that it is only iOS compatible, is a big downvote for Android or Window users.


​And now, in the finale of this heated face-off between two of the most powerful and smartest watch ever made, which of them do you think to boast superiority? Although the Fitbit Versa smartwatch puts up a good fight and created features almost on par with Apple’s, it is not enough to beat the Apple Watch 4. With lots of other life-saving features and smart technology, Apple Watch 4 without a doubt is the smartest watch out there, yet!

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