Fitbit Blaze Vs Versa: Which One Is The Best Fitbit Smartwatch?

The Winner: Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa takes everything the Blaze did right and makes it better and fixes most of the things it did wrong as well. If you are deciding between the Fitbit Blaze or the Versa, you should choose the Versa without hesitation

fitbit versa

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Versa

Screen Size

1.2 in

1.34 in





44 g

38 g




Interchangeable Band












Heart Rate Sensor



Battery Life

5 days

4 days





– Nice Display

– 5 days battery life 

– Beautiful Display

– Waterproof 

– Wifi and NFC included


– No App interaction

– No Wifi, NFS, Waterproof and GPS

– Proprietary Charger

– No GPS


Fitbit has just released the Versa to the world, their newest fully-featured smartwatch.  But do you need all of the features it provides, or would a more traditional fitness tracker work for you?  Let’s take an in-depth look and see in this Fitbit Blaze vs Versa showdown!

Fitbit is the name most love in the wearable fitness tracker market, and the Blaze was their premier offering in the under $200 price point, until now.  The Versa has arrived on the scene, and it’s looking to make its mark.  So let’s dive in and see if the Blaze or Versa is the right product for you.

Fitbit Blaze Review

fitbit blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is the companies first attempt to make their fitness trackers have a more pleasing look similar to their big brother the smartwatch.  This hybrid design is a wonderful break from the slim and plain rubber or plastic design that was so familiar with fitness trackers previously released.

But how does the Blaze stack up against other fitness trackers and smartwatches?  Let’s take a look at what makes the Blaze in the space of its own.


  • 1.2-inch full-color display
  • 240×180 resolution
  • Interchangeable band

The Fitbit Blaze has a nice full-color display that measures in at 1.2 inches diagonally. The 240×180 resolution ensures crisp text on the small screen, and swiping through options is a breeze with the touchscreen functionality.

There are also many band options available given the age of the device.  Slim bands, leather bands, and super-stylized options are available.  You can find them in the accessory section on the Fitbit website or from many online retailers.


  • 44 grams
  • Removable Tracker
  • Watch-like Aesthetic

The Blaze steps away from the normal plastic band look of fitness trackers of old.  The design is very watch-like, though still maintaining a durable tracker look.  Some people will enjoy the bold designs look, while others could find it a bit bold.

Coming in at only 44 grams, the Fitbit Blaze is extremely light.  This makes it comfortable for prolonged wearing and even wearing it to sleep.  Once you have it on, you will generally not notice it during your daily routine.


  • 3 axis-accelerometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • SmartTrack
  • No GPS
  • No third-party app interaction

Fitbit is no newcomer when it comes to making great fitness trackers.  They have packed the Blaze with all the features you have come to love: 3 axis-accelerometer to track your steps, a gyroscope for rotation and orientation, and a heart rate monitor.

SmartTrack is a wonderful feature that automates your workout tracking for you.  This will ensure that you never forget to log a workout or your daily steps again.

One thing we wished Fitbit would have added to the features of the Blaze is internal GPS.  Sadly, the Blaze lacks this feature which is something more and more fitness trackers have in their arsenal.

While you can now see your notifications from third party apps like Facebook or Twitter (though they are buried in the menu system), you can’t do much else.  This is the main thing that holds us back from calling the Blaze a smartwatch and nestles it firmly into the fitness tracker category.

Battery Life

  • 5 day battery life
  • Long charging time

The Blaze features an impressive battery life of up to 5 days.  With a full-color display at this resolution, that is extremely impressive.  You can expect to get over 3 days of battery life even under the most strenuous of use, so there is no worry about having to charge it every night.

With the great battery life, sadly, there comes a significant drawback.  To fully charge the Blaze from empty, you will need to have it plugged in for around 3 hours.  In today’s world of fast chargers, this is a substantial wait time and worth noting.


The Fitbit Blaze is in the upper-echelon regarding price in the Fitbit lineup. However, the Blaze is now a couple of years old, and you can find it on sale for a significantly reduced price (generally up to $50 off).

Given the sales price you can find it for, the Blaze is a much more interesting value for those looking for a new fitness tracker.  Plus, you could buy a few extra bands with the savings and have a nice looking accessory for any occasion.

Final Thoughts


  • Full color display
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Superb battery life

The Fitbit Blaze has a lot to love.  From the crisp full color display to the lightweight construction, it is easily usable all day long.  Match that with the fantastic battery life, and you have a fitness tracker to be proud of.


  • No third party app interaction
  • Long charging time
  • Polarizing design

The Blaze’s biggest problem in today’s world is the rise of the smartwatch. Without the ability to interact with third party apps (facebook, twitter, etc), it can not be classified as anything more than a fitness tracker.

The charging time on the Blaze is also excruciatingly long.  This can cause some inconvenient wait time when you forget to charge it in your “downtime.”

Lastly, the Blaze’s design is extremely polarizing.  Some people love the sharp squared angles, while others prefer a more rounded natural look.

Fitbit Versa Review

fitbit versa

The Fitbit Versa is Fitbit’s new affordable smartwatch option making a splash in the marketplace.  For those not looking to drop $300 or more on a smartwatch, does the Versa have what it takes to make you drop your hard earned cash on it? Let’s find out!


  • 1.34-inch full-color display
  • 300×300 resolution
  • Interchangeable band
  • Waterproof

the Versa has a beautiful 1.34-inch display sporting a resolution of 300×300. Given the size and the resolution, the display is sharp and pleasing to the eye. The colors are quite vibrant and the touchscreen is super responsive.

The Fitbit Versa also has a nice selection of interchangeable bands to choose from.  From basic rubber band to the sophisticated metal linked bands, you will surely find one to your liking.

The huge new addition to the Versa is the fact that it is waterproof up to 50 meters.  This is a huge plus, as you will no longer have to remove your Fitbit to take a shower or jump in the pool.  It also allows for tracking your swimming statistics which is a greatly appreciated feature for those of us who like to spend time in the pool.


  • 38 grams
  • Sleek smartwatch aesthetic
  • Different color variations

The Fitbit Versa has a very sleek and slender design for a smartwatch with as many fitness tracker features that are packed in.  There is no huge ugly bump for the heart rate sensor, no sharp angles, and no tacky color additions. It gets high marks from us in the looks department for being so minimal and sleek.

Weighing in at only 38 grams, the Versa is truly lightweight.  You can wear it all day comfortably, including in the bed or the shower.

The last thing to note is the beautiful, customizable watch faces.  The Versa shines in this department with hundreds of watch faces to choose from.  This should help you hone the device to be pleasing to your eye and match the band of your choice.


  • Top-notch fitness tracker
  • Full-fledged smartwatch
  • No GPS
  • Wifi and NFC

The Versa is a full-fledged smartwatch allowing you to handle everything from your social life directly on your watch.  This includes calls, texts, social media, etc.  Given the waterproof nature of the device, you don’t even have to worry about missing an important notification even in the shower.

A couple of big additions have been added to the Versa. The inclusion of both Wifi and NFC are welcome, the latter allowing for payments using Fitbit Pay.

Not only is the Versa good at being a smartwatch, but it is also a feature packed fitness tracker.  With all the bells and whistles of a top notch fitness tracker, the Fitbit Versa is equipped with a 3 axis-accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, and the helpful SmartTrack feature.  Sadly, there is still no GPS integration in this Fitbit offering.

Battery Life

  • 4 day battery life
  • Proprietary charger

The battery life on the Fitbit Versa is impressive.  With the battery under normal usage lasting up to 4 days on a single charge.  While not quite as long as some other fitness trackers, in the smartwatch space it is exceptional.

Fitbit continued it’s history with using a proprietary charger for the Versa.  This makes it a bit more messy when traveling.  We wish it was on a more universal charging solution eliminating the extra unneeded wires.


The Fitbit Versa comes in at a highly competitive price point under $200.  Since it is the new kid on the block, the market price is still firm and will likely not see a drop for some time.

At this price, you get a ton of performance.  Coming in hundreds of dollars below the top of the line smartwatches on the market, the value is quite remarkable.

Final Thoughts


  • Elegant design
  • Wifi and NFC included
  • Waterproof

The Fitbit Versa is a stunning smartwatch.  The design is sleek and elegant. Fitbit has improved on its previous product in this price bracket in almost every facet from adding Wifi and NFC to making the Versa waterproof.


  • Proprietary Charger
  • No GPS

Fitbit decided to give the Versa a proprietary charger, therefore you will have to deal with yet another plug and cord when using this device.  That, paired with the still unfortunate lack of GPS are the biggest flaws of the device.


So in this head-to-head battle of Fitbit’s wearable tech, the edge clearly goes to the Fitbit Versa.  The Versa’s obvious technical advantages outshine the Blaze’s older technology in every way.  Though both are strong competitor’s, if you have a budget of under $200, there is no reason to buy anything other than the Fitbit Versa.

If you think of other watches check Apple Series 3 vs Fitbit Versa or Series 4 vs the Versa.

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