Denon AH-D9200 VS Denon AH-D7200: Which High-End Headphone Should You Get?

If you find yourself really intrigued by high-end audio quality, maybe even audiophile level detail, you will undoubtedly cross paths with the Denon audio brand. 

Specific to portable headphones, the Denon AH-D9200 and AH-D7200 are top of the line contenders in that category.  To help you choose between these two phenomenal products, we conducted a deep dive to try to figure out which is better: Denon AH-D9200 vs Denon AH-D7200.


Denon AH-D9200

Denon AH-D7200

Driver Technology

50 mm FreeEdge, with 1T Neodymium magnet

50 mm FreeEdge, with nanofiber surroundings

Cable Purity

Silver coated, oxygen-free copper

7N copper

Amount of Cables

Two 3.0 meter cables, one ends in TRS (6.3 mm), the other ends in 3.5 mm

One 3.0 meter cable, ends in TRS (6.3 mm)

Frequency Response

5 – 56,000 Hz

5 – 55,000 Hz


24 ohm

25 ohm

Case Included



Bluetooth Included



Active Noise Cancellation




375 grams

385 grams

Wood Type

Japanese Bamboo

American Walnut



Denon Audio

As far as brands with industry expertise and recognition go, Denon is up there as one of the top notch music and audio manufacturers.  Formed in Japan in 1910, Denon was the first in Japan to create a professional disc recorder.  Since then, Denon has developed a well-deserved reputation for high end audio reproduction across all their products.  From record players to home audio theaters to portable speakers, Denon manufactures high end, quality products that both audiophiles and novice listeners can appreciate.

Denon AH-D9200

Denon AH-D9200

To be inspecting a pair of headphones such as these, you will undoubtedly be on the search for the highest end audio reproduction money can buy.  There is worth in finding a set that will give you comfort when hearing your favorite sounds as if you were in the recording studio with them.

The Denon AH-D9200 is one of those sets that hits the right notes both in-ear and to the eye.  It is sharp looking, with the kind of high fidelity to back up the looks.  With luxury features that will make heads turn and sounds crisp, the 9200 is a keeper.


  • Proprietary 50mm nanofiber FreeEdge drivers
  • 1T Neodymium magnet
  • Japanese bamboo hard shell housing
  • Diecast Aluminum hanger
  • 3.0 meter cable made of oxygen free copper (OFC) with a 6.3 mm plug
  • Another 3.0 meter audio cable that ends out into a 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Genuine leather headband
  • Beautiful storage box, comes with a cleaning cloth


  • State of the art 50 mm drivers for unrivaled audio playback
  • Cable made of OFC for near-lossless audio transference
  • Japanese bamboo housing, specifically picked for its sound dampening properties
  • Large neodymium magnet for top-end precision


  • Has no Bluetooth connection abilities for hands-free listening
  • Does not have Active Noise Cancellation built-in

For those who want a luxurious, state of the art listening experience – try these Denon AH-D9200 headphones, there’s few out there that can compete.

Denon AH-D7200

Denon AH-D7200

For those who want a very high end listening experience with the vintage Denon analog look, the AH-D7200 is not a gamble, but a sure thing.


  • 50 mm nano-fiber FreeEdge drivers
  • Genuine sheepskin leather headband
  • Aluminum hanger
  • American Walnut hard shell housing
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth
  • 3.0 meter detachable 7N purity cable


  • State of the art 50 mm drivers
  • American Walnut hard shell for a classic look
  • Detachable 3.0 meter 7N purity cable
  • A more modest price point


  • No hard case included
  • No Active Noise Cancellation or Bluetooth either

Features Face to Face

Driver Performance

Driver Performance

The drivers are the most important part of a pair of speakers, converting that electricity into sounds means that accuracy is key to avoid loss of information in the conversion process.

Denon has made a strong emphasis on selling their top end headphone driver technology. 

Their patented FreeEdge drivers have a 50 mm size (that’s big) that help to cancel out undesired resonances in the diaphragm.  Additionally, the nanofibers surrounding the drivers are made of a very soft, compliant material that makes it easier for the drivers to move freely, giving you the pure, clear sound Denon is known for.

Both the D9200 and the D7200 offer this unique, proprietary technology – so you will have no issues with the drivers in each as compared to the other.

The difference between the two is the 1T Neodymium magnet that comes with the D9200.  Neodymium is a rare magnetic material known for its precision, so it in essence enhances the driver performance.

As a result, we award a slight edge to the D9200 in this category.

Winner: D9200

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Cable Purity and Performance

Cable Purity and Performance

Since we’re focusing on the drivers, let’s geek out some more over the cabling that each model offers.  Cables do matter.  The D9200 offers 2 sets of high-grade audio cable for listening on multiple systems.  Both are detachable and have gone through extensive testing by Denon to ensure top quality.  One cable goes straight to a TRS (6.3 mm) stereo input, the other goes to a 3.5 mm input for smaller end electronics.

The cable with the TRS end is made from silver-coated oxygen-free copper, so that signal strength is at a high end premium.

The D7200 offers just one high-grade 3.0 meter cable that goes straight out to a TRS (6.3 mm) stereo input.  It still reaches a very high quality 7N copper rating for fantastic signal conductivity.

The additional versatile cable, plus the signal conductivity in the D9200’s cables give it the definite nod in this category.

Winner: D9200

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Overall Build

Overall Build

When we talk about overall build, we are contrasting the differences in the cosmetic appearance of the exteriors, and the interior structural formation each offers. Despite how a pair of headphones looks, it may not always belie the internal working mechanisms and quality, so it’s important to consider these aspects even if it might seem purely aesthetic.

With the D9200, the exterior showcases the Japanese bamboo hard shell ear encasement, which, as pointed out by the designers, has unique sound dampening properties that make that wood choice, a key design feature for its amplification of user listening experience.

The earpads are made of dense memory foam, and the whole unit features genuine sheepskin leather for a soft, yet sturdy touch.  The frame is noted as having a durable, diecast aluminum hanger, meant to withstand bends without breaking or morphing.

In the D7200, the exterior highlights a more American attitude, with the American Walnut hard shell ear encasement.  It has long been known as a beautiful hardwood with rich, satisfying graining sure to catch yours and many other eyes.

The earpads are also made of memory foam, with that durable, yet soft sheepskin leather wrapped around the diecast aluminum hanger for this supportive and sleek design.

This is very close, but we will have to trust the engineers when they say that the Japanese Bamboo listening properties are next level.  So the winner is the D9200, but only by a slim margin.

Winner: D9200

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Luxury Attachments

Luxury Attachments

When shopping in this range, of course, luxury attachments are important.  They help enhance a mood, or make the product just stand out, reasons for preferring so are entirely your own.

The D9200 purchase includes a beautiful hard case, meant for protecting your investment while in transit with elegance.  Additionally, a cleaning cloth comes with it too.

The D7200 does not come with a hard case, though it does have a cleaning cloth included.

For the reason of the hard case, the winner here is the D9200.

Winner: D9200

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Digital Features

Digital Features

When purchasing the Denon series, it is important to note the legacy on which the Denon brand is built upon.  By being one of the longest lasting audio brands on the market, there is a rich history that Denon abides.  That remains as an analog influence on a rather digital marketplace.

So while both pairs of headphones do not offer much in the way of new age digital attributes, they have the vintage analog look and actuality their customers desire.

Unfortunately, that means, no Bluetooth connectivity, no Active Noise Cancellation options, and no pairing with a smartphone app for EQ adjustments.

Both are simply analog creations living in a digital world.

Winner: Tie

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Stand Out Features

These two offerings from Denon are very similar in look, and pretty close in performance as well.  There are a few key stand out features that, if you read the previous section, you’ll probably already have an idea of what they are.

Essentially, we will be highlighting the differences in going for premium lossless technology vs. one small step down high-end technology.  It’s close, so hopefully it helps you figure out which buying philosophy suits you best.

Premium lossless technology:  This may be more technical and tailored towards audiophiles, but the core is pure, unaltered sound reproduction, as good as money can buy.

The D9200 gives you that with its proprietary 50 mm FreeEdge driver technology

Pushing that driver is a 1T Neodymium magnet that has extremely precise properties

All of it is surrounded by soft nanofibers that help the drivers to avoid any kinds of flexing and distortion

Supporting the audio signal transmission are the silver-coated, oxygen-free copper cables that carry the signal to said drivers in as close to lossless as possible

Still high-end technology:  Despite the difference in budget, the D7200 still offers very high-end audio reproduction at a smaller scale price.  Something that will give you a top quality listening experience despite not having the absolute best of the best technology included.

The D7200 still gets you the uniquely Denon 50 mm FreeEdge driver technology

The cabling is still made from superb quality 7N copper for close to lossless audio signal transmission

American Walnut hard shell ear encasement for a vintage, fantastic look and sound environment

The difference between the two headphones is both minute and large.  Denon didn’t want those purchasing the D7200 to feel totally outclassed, so they gave it a facade that pays respect to the top quality materials still present in its design.  The real difference is under the hood, so to speak, where Denon gives the total audiophiles all the geekiness to keep them easily entertained with the D9200.

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Final Thoughts

Get the Denon AH-D9200 if:

  • You are a total audiophile looking for the perfect set of over-ear monitors
  • You want a classic look, with an analog lover’s dream
  • You prefer simple elegance over digital hype
  • You need a magnificent hardshell case to protect your auditory investment
  • You want as close to lossless headphones as money can reasonably buy

Get the Denon AH-D7200 if:

  • You are still a total audiophile looking for a great set of over-ear monitors
  • You are cognizant of how difficult finding lossless items are, yet want to still get as close as you can
  • You can’t break the bank on one pair of headphones, but you want high end
  • You prefer simple elegance over digital hype
  • You want as close to lossless as your money can reasonably buy

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