Canon EOS Rebel SL1 VS Sony a6000: Which Camera Should You Buy

Welcome to My Review of Canon EOS Rebel SL1 vs Sony a6000.

In this article, I hope to shed light on two big players in the digital camera industry to help you figure out the facts, and choose the camera that’s perfect for your needs. Canon and Sony often go head-to-head in comparison articles because of the quality of their equipment. So between these two, which is better, Canon EOS Rebel SL1 or Sony a6000? Read on to find out.


Canon SL1

Sony a6000


9 contrast points

25 contrast points

Battery life

380 shots

360 shots

Continuous shooting

4 frames per second

11 frames per second

ISO range

100 – 12,800

100 – 25,600

Video top-end capability

1080p @ 30fps

1080p @ 60fps

LCD display

Touchscreen, fixed

Non-touchscreen, tilting


407 grams

344 grams

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