Bose Bass Module 700 vs 500: Home Woofer Comparison

If you are in a hurry! here is a quick comparison of Bose Bass Module 700 vs Bose Bass Module 500


Bose Bass Module 500

Bose Bass Module 700

Supported by

Soundbar 500 / 700

Soundbar 500 / 700

Input connections







10 x 10 x 10 in

11.6 x 11.6 x 12.9 in


11 pounds

30 pounds

Wireless range

30 ft

30 ft

Color options


Black / White

Built-in media

Bass module, Line Cord

Bass module, Line Cord

QuietPort Technology



Smartphone App








If you want to create the ultimate teacher experience in your home and your soundbar isn’t enough, Bose has the right solution for this problem. Bose Bass module is one of the best options designed for adding an extra oomph in your home.

They have two modules designed explicitly for their Soundbars 700 and 500. In this comparison test, we will compare Bose Bass Module 500 vs Bass Module 700 and find out which is a better option to go for.

About Bose

Bose is among the most popular companies globally and is in the audio business for more than 50 years. They have a wide portfolio from personalized audio devices to producing sound systems for car manufacturers.

In recent times, they’ve been focusing on audio devices for recreating the ultimate theater experience. Their soundbars are great, but sometimes they lack bass and low tones, which is where these Bass Modules fit into their own category.

Bose Bass Module 700

Bose Bass Module 700

As the name suggests, we are talking about an audio device designed to add more bass to your music. The Bose Bass Module 700 can be connected to your Bose Soundbar 700 either through cable using 1/8 inch cable or wirelessly.

We should point out that the Bass Module is designed to work only with your Bose Soundbar 700 or 500, which means if you have other speakers or soundbars, you won’t be able to connect them with this Bass Module.

Bose claims that they’ve designed the best bass module ever for a home theatre system, and it can be used from rocking your favorite music or enhancing the profound audio effects in movies.

In terms of design, it looks like something that came out of the future. With its tempered glass top finish, it will provide an elegant look to your home theatre setup.


  • Very Good Looking
  • Compact design
  • Straightforward setup
  • Incredible bass


  • The app is challenging to work with
Bose Bass Module 500

The situation is just the same with the Bose Bass Module 500, which is designed to go along with their Bose Soundbar 500. The Bose soundbar 500 needed a bass boost, and this bass module is just the right thing for your home theater system.

Just as the Bass Module 700, the 500 is designed to work only with the soundbar 500 or 700, and you cannot use it alternatively or with other devices.

Bose Bass Module 500 has a booming bass that will definitely satisfy your needs. With its 10-inch cube size, it is one of the most compact and lightweight subwoofers you can find on the market.

The setup is very straightforward. You can choose either a wired or wireless connection, and it will connect with your Bose Soundbar 500 instantly. If you choose a wireless connection, this bass module has a wireless range of 30 feet, so it is plenty enough to find the right space in your home.


  • Breathtaking bass
  • Easy setup process
  • Great for movies
  • Compact size


  • Pricey

Bose Bass Module 500 vs 700 Face-To-Face



In terms of design, there is little that can separate both of these Bass Modules. They have the same cube shape, and the most noticeable difference is the glossy top made from tempered glass on the Bass Module 700. On the other hand, the Bose Bass Module 500 has an all-plastic design with a separate bottom section, which looks like the woofer’s stand.

In terms of size, the Bose Bass Module 700 is slightly bigger and a lot heavier. The Bose Bass Module 500 comes with 10 x 10 x 9.5 inches dimensions, whereas the 700 is slightly bigger, coming at 11.6 x 11.6 x 12.9 inches.

Despite the similar size, the Bose Bass Module 700, with its 30lbs weighs almost triple than the Bose Bass Module 500, which comes in at 11lbs. The additional weight comes from the tempered glass, as well as the extra features and improved driver.

Obviously, since the Bose soundbar 700 comes in black or white, the Bose Bass Module 700 also comes in black or white, so you have a matching set. On the other hand, the Bose Bass Module 500 comes only in black.

In a side-by-side comparison, the Bose Bass Module 700 looks more premium and elegant, so if you are concerned about aesthetics, you should go with the 700.

Winner: Bose Bass Module 700

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Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Sound quality is probably the most important thing when buying your bass module. Both bass modules are extremely powerful and enough to fill the entire room with rich and vibrant bass.

However, the Bose Bass Module 700 is significantly more powerful. The Bose Bass Module 500 uses a five ¼” driver, whereas the Bass Module 700 uses a massive 10” driver.

With that said, the Bose Bass Module 500 still provides a hard kick that’s needed to enhance the sound of movies or listen to music.

Both woofers come with built-in amplifiers andAPTiQ audio Room Calibration. This analyzes its surroundings while playing tones in order to reach the ultimate listening experience.

In terms of sound quality, the Bose Bass Module 700 has a more powerful driver and can reach lower tones with absolutely no distortion. So, if you are concerned about sound quality, the Bose Bass Module 700 should be your woofer of choice.

Winner: Bose Bass Module 700

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In terms of connectivity, the process is very simple and straightforward with both bass modules. You can choose between a wired connection or wirelessly and connect with your soundbar instantly.

A 5ft AC power cord comes with both Bass Modules and minijack input to create the ultimate surround sound experience.

Both bass modules have the same wireless range of about 30 ft, which is plenty enough for choosing the optimal position in your home.

Winner: Tie

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Stand Out Features of Bose Bass Module 700

QuietPort Technology

The biggest problem for subwoofers is the noticeable distortion, mostly when played on a higher volume. With the latest QuietPort Technology from bose, you’ll get an increased bass response, which is very useful where there are a lot of different leveled frequencies and lower distortion.

Bose says that the QuietPort technology virtually eliminates distortion, which proves to be the case with the Bass Module 700. It is a truly impressive subwoofer that has no distortion at any sound level.

Outstanding Sound Quality

Thanks to the 10” driver, the Bose Bass Module 700 is very loud. However, loud is not the only thing the Bose Bass Module 700 is good at. The sound coming from this subwoofer is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. It is rich and vibrant and can deliver a strong punch.

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Stand Out Features of Bose Bass Module 500

ADAPTiq System

ADAPTiq is a system that optimizes the sound of your system to match the acoustics of your room. This audio calibration is excellent for creating the ultimate listening experience. Contents in your room, like furniture, surfaces, rugs, can impact how you head the sound coming from the bass module.

Using this audio calibration mode, you’ll reach the best sound performance coming out from your bass module.

Compact and Lightweight

The Bose Bass Module 500 is probably one of the lightest and most compact subwoofers for your home theater. With its compact size and light design, it is easy to carry to another room and perfectly fit your living space.

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Which Soundbar is Better: Bose Bass Module 500 or Bose Bass Module 700?

Choose the Bose Bass Module 500 if:

  • You want a more compact subwoofer.
  • You want a lighter design.
  • You want a cheaper soundbar.
  • You want the best value for money.

Choose the Bose Bass Module 700 if:

  • You want a deeper sound.
  • You want a more powerful subwoofer.
  • You want QuietPort technology.
  • You want a breathtaking sound quality.
  • You want a bigger subwoofer.

Both subwoofers perform outstandingly in the real world. Since most soundbars lack bass and lower tones, each of these subwoofers will enrichen your sound and add more depth.

However, if you want a more powerful subwoofer or you plan to place it in a bigger room, you should go with the Bose Bass Module 700. On the other hand, the Bose Bass Module 500 will be enough to satisfy your needs if you live in a smaller apartment.

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