Beats Solo3 Vs Studio3 – Detailed Comparison of Bluetooth Headphones


Eyeballing Dre’s Beats Wireless headphones - Solo3 vs Studio3- confused as to which one is best?

We all know how technology has upstaged our smartphones with the whole “no headphone jack” thing! This is why most of us are keen on getting Wireless headphones.

What headphones can give you that satisfaction other than the ones from Beats by Dr. Dre?

No doubt, Beats headphones are top-of-the-line in all respects, right from good aesthetics to excellent sound quality. Beats Solo 3 swept the market with its fantastic sound quality, powerful battery life, and sleek design.

But in 2017, Beats launched Studio3 model to their premium Wireless headphones list.

Beats Solo3 and Beats Studio3, both are nearly identical, yet feature slight variation. If you are stumped between these two options, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s see how they compare to each other and find out which is best: Beats Studio3 or Solo3?

The Winner : ​Beats Studio 3

​Studio3 certainly outplays Solo3, all credits to its Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature and well-balanced audio profile. This is the reason why Studio3 isolates better, even in noisy environment. Its comfortable over-ear design also contributes to its win!

Beats Studio 3




Main Features

 - Battery life up to 40 hours

 - Cushioned ear cups with an adjustable fit

 - Sleek, foldable design

 - Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling

 - Real-time audio calibration

 - Battery life up to 22 hours

 - Low Power Mode provides 40 hours of battery life

 - Over-ear Cushions


​ On-Ear


Active Noise Cancelling




​7.58 oz. / 215 grams

​ 9.17 oz./ 260 grams


​7.8 inches

​7.2 inches


​Bluetooth, Wireless

​ Bluetooth, Wireless

Battery Life

​Up to 40 hours

​Up to 22 hours

Fast Fuel Charging

​5 minutes charge for 3 hours of playback

​10 minutes charge for 3 hours of playback

​Built-in Mic and Controls



Apple W1 Chip








​Hard Case

Charge Time

​1.5 hours

​2 hours

Things we like

  • ​Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • ​5 minutes Fast Fuel Charging
  • ​Powerful bass
  • ​Collapsible, streamlined design
  • ​Noise Cancelling
  • ​Balanced audio profile
  • ​Up to 22 hours  of battery life; 40 hours when ANC is turned off
  • ​10 minutes Fast Fuel Charging
  • Comfortable ear cups

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Tight headband
  • ​Some might find the bass to be overpowering
  • ​Battery life is affected by ANC


​Solo3 Review


Solo3 Bluetooth Headphones by Beats has been a boon to all those who love music. If you are a regular jogger, this device is the right choice to keep you motivated to do more. And what's more? You can now enjoy music without worrying about the wires.

Beats Solo3 flaunts streamlined design with bold aesthetics. Adjustable on-ear headphones have cushioned ear cups for customized comfort.

 What are the other exciting features of Solo3? Let's find out!

Build and Comfort

Design of Beats Solo3 is almost similar to its predecessor Solo2. The only difference is that you’ll find “b” logo on each earpiece in Solo3. 

Both being wireless and made of plastic, they come in varieties of colors viz. rose gold, gold, silver, matte black, and shiny black. You can even find these headphones in purple and white

It is lightweight, thanks to its all-plastic design. It has been designed to be more portable. Meaning, the arms can be folded to fit inside the pouch that comes along with the headphones.

​With the headband cushion and faux leather ear pads, the headphones give you an on-ear fit. Even with all these comfy features, the users claim that the fit is a little tighter than what is considered to be comfortable.

Apple’s W1 Chip 

The best feature about Solo3 is the incredible Bluetooth range, all credits to Apple’s W1 Chip. With this chip integrated, you are sure to get seamless musical experience for up to 70 yards. Walls, or doors, none of these affect its Bluetooth streaming capabilities. 

Beats Solo3 allows seamless pairing with any of the Apple devices. That’s because W1 Chip effortlessly connects with devices featuring iOS 9 version or higher. But, Android smartphones might feel subpar while pairing. 

If you are looking for headphones with noise cancellation capabilities, then Solo3 is not for you.

As for controls, you can find them on the left ear cup. Simply press the Beats logo to activate Siri or control your playback. You can even find the volume controls there. The disappointing fact about these controls is that they make pounding sound in your ears when pressed. 

Battery life 

The biggest advantage of Solo3 for music aficionados is its excellent battery life.

When fully charged, Solo3 offers a whopping 40 hours of non-stop playback time. Putting this together with all other awesome features Solo3 provides, you can say that it is better than most of the Wireless headphones in the market. 

If the battery runs out, Solo3 has got you covered with fast charging feature. Just charging it for 5 minutes will give you 3 hours of playback time!

​Charging time for Solo3 is around 1.5 hours. On the right ear cup, you’ll find 5 LED lights that denote battery life left. Which is quite thoughtful!

Sound Quality 

Despite these amazing features, the sound quality of Solo3 is similar to that of Solo2. Most people find it disappointing. Some headphones sound better than Solo3 in the market for a lower price. 

In Solo3, the lower frequency range is much bolder than the upper ones. You can expect more power but not nuance. Although dance, hip-hop, and pop music sound good, the headphones can't deliver the details as higher frequencies are not as clear as lower ones.

​Just like any other Beats headphone, Solo3 delivers warm sound and pumping bass. Mid-range is smooth, whereas treble feels slightly reserved. Overall, Beats Solo3 is all about providing energetic sound.

Things we liked

  • ​Good Bluetooth stability
  • check
    ​Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • check
    ​5 minutes Fast Fuel Charging
  • check
    ​Powerful bass
  • check
    ​Collapsible, compact design
  • check
    ​W1 chip for seamless pairing with Apple devices
  • check
    ​Optional cord for wired use

Things we didn’t like

  • ​Tight headband for some
  • ​Bass might somewhat overpower rest of the music

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​Studio3 Review

Beats Studio 3

As if Solo3 was not enough to woo the music lovers, Beats by Dre introduced Studio3 to the world. It is even better and smarter than Solo3. In this battle of Studio3 Vs. Solo3, it is hard to decide a winner. 

We have seen how Beats has put their best features into Solo3. Now let's find out all about Studio3.

Build and Comfort 

Studio3 features Over-ear construction as opposed to On-ear design of Solo3. Due to the same reason, Studio3 can contain the bass as it entirely wraps around the ears.

Likewise, such over-ear design feels much more comfortable when listening for long hours. Most users prefer over-the-ear fit when it comes to headphones. 

The main highlight of both, Solo3 and Studio3 is their plastic body and streamlined design. This makes them lightweight and easier to carry around. Although the body is made out of plastic, it can withstand rugged use. 

Just like Solo3, Studio3 is designed to be portable. You can fold the arms to fit the headphones perfectly into the hard case provided. This makes it more travel-friendly.

Redesigned soft cushioning on the inner side of the headband and foam ear padding on earcups make Studio3 extremely comfy to wear.

People with sensitive ears are going to love Studio3.

To fit your style and choice, Studio3 headphones are offered in wide range of classy colors like - Red, matte and glossy black, matte and glossy white, titanium, porcelain rose, gold, and defiant black-red. 

Apple’s W1 Chip

Similar to Solo3, Beats Studio3 also features invisible controls located around “b” logo. The same logo also doubles as a pairing button.

Studio3 comes integrated with Apple’s low-power W1 chip, intended to enhance battery life, pairing process, and connection.

​Pairing with Apple devices is a breeze! All you need to do is bring your headphones near your Apple device and tap. You’re all set.

Battery Life

Even though not as high as Solo3, 22 hours of battery life on Studio3 is still impressive. Battery life of this model mainly suffers due to its ANC feature, let alone Bluetooth connectivity.

Moreover, Studio3 is equipped with larger drivers, so it demands slightly more power than Solo3.

In ANC-off mode, Studio3 headphones will offer a whopping 40 hours of battery life. Fair enough!

Sound Quality

You’d expect Studio3 to deliver heavy bass. But, it's quite the opposite.

To our much surprise, Studio3 delivers well-balanced audio profile. That doesn’t mean that bass is insufficient, it is still tight.

Overall, it provides a fun and dynamic experience while listening. Treble feels decent but falls a tad bit short. All in all, Beats Studio3 would be a fantastic option for listening to pop, hip-hop, and rock.

Beats Studio3 excels in performance by providing a noise canceling feature.

With “hear the music, not the noise” notion in mind, Beats incorporates Pure ANC (Adaptive Noise Cancelling) feature in Studio3.

Apple’s Pure ANC technology allows Studio3 to intelligently listen to the on-going music as well as surrounding noise. Thus, it responds to and completely cancels out external noise to offer the best audio fidelity.

Thereby, becoming an ideal wireless headphone for travels. It also evaluates fit and makes up for leakage caused due to your head movements, glasses, hair and shape of your ear.Good news for non-iOS users is that noise-cancellation feature and audio quality won’t be affected whatsoever.

What we liked

  • ​22 hours of battery life; 40 hours in ANC-off mode
  • check
    ​True-to-sound listening due to Noise Canceling
  • check
    ​10 minutes Fast Fuel Charging
  • check
    ​Cushioned ear cups
  • check
    ​Comfortable over-ear design

What we didn’t like

  • ​Pure ANC affects battery life

The Final Word

If you’re planning on wearing your Wireless headphones during travels, commutes or for long hours, Studio3 has to be your ultimate choice!

As apparent in this Beats Solo3 vs. Studio3 comparison, we can conclude that Studio3 indeed outplays Solo3 regarding sound and build quality.

Pure ANC is the feature that outshines in Beats Studio3. It adeptly cancels out unwanted noise, while offering better audio fidelity. Redesigned comfortable earpieces and sleek looks are another perks of Studio3.

We say Beats Studio3 indeed abides by its high price, seeing its premium built noise-canceling feature and balanced audio profile.

​But, if you want headphones that you can keep using without a recharge, then Beats Solo3 is an ideal choice

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