Apple Watch Series 3 Vs Apple Watch Series 4: Which is Better?

On September 12th Apple announces that the new Apple smartwatch – Apple Watch Series 4- would go on sale on September 21st. But, how does the new model differentiate itself from the previous model?

​In this article, we will compare all the features, spec, and design of both the new and previous model. Alright, Apple watch 3 vs Apple watch 4, which one of them would be the best of the best? Let’s find out.

The Winner: ​Apple Watch Series 4

​If you have weighed all the factors of both products, the new and upgraded model beats all of its Apple watch predecessors with these new add-ons. The Apple watch 4 may still look a bit like the older versions, but it has faster processors in the S4 Chipset, batter heart sensors and bigger screen size.

Apple Watch 4

Apple watch series 4 vs Apple watch 3 chart

It is quite easy to choose between the Series 3 and the Series 4 than you think. The newest model offers you what the best that Apple could offer at a premium price, while the old model offers you with a slightly old system, and at a lower price.

​We have prepared a chart for you where you can easily compare the products against each other:


Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 3

Operating System

​WatchOS 5

​WatchOS 5


​1,000 Units

​1,000 Units





​S4 + W3 wireless chip

​S3 + W2 wireless chip


​759/977 sq. mm

​563/740 sq. mm


​Last to up to 18 hours

​Last to up to 18 hours


​10.7 mm

​11.4 mm





​16 GB Non-LTE versions

​​8 GB Non-LTE versions


​802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

​802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

USB Power Detector




​Up to 32 G-Forces

​Up to ​16 G-Forces

Electrical Heart Sensor



Fall Detection




  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Improved speaker
  • ​Great network connection
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Thinner
  • ​Siri’s working
  • ​Faster processor
  • ​Dust and waterproof
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Siri’s working
  • ​Top-class build quality
  • ​Data can work the apps
  • ​Dust and waterproof


  • ​Same look with all old versions.
  • ​Battery drains much faster when making calls or using GPS
  • ​Siri is a bit patchy sometimes


Apple Watch 3 Review

Apple Watch 3

We will first review the previous model which is the Apple watch series 3. In today’s time, it is quite hard to deny the growing popularity of most Apple products, especially their smartphones.

Aside from high-quality engineered phones, Apple has also marketed tablets, laptops, and smartwatches.The Apple Company has been providing people with the gadgets of the highest-quality, which is why their products are quite popular, even if they are pricey.

Among the company’s newest creations are the smartwatches, and one is the Apple Watch 3. This model is the predecessor of the Series 2 which was actually killed off as soon as the Series 3 got launched.

​And since Series 4 has already been launched, will the Apple watch series 3 still be worth it? Let’s find out more!

What is The Apple Watch Series 3?

Now, this wearable phone-like watch is the third of its redundancy. This model may appear that it hasn’t changed much on its outer surface, but on the inside, there are quite a few developments in its system.

​The reason why this model has become popular to most Apple users is that of its optional LTE connectivity. It means that you can connect your watch to your iPhone through any wi-fi network and gain access to your phone through it. But even with this feature, you still need your phone with you if there are no or unknown wi-fi network.

The Design

  • Available in Space Gray and silver
  • Almost identical to its previous model
  • ​11.4 mm thin

As you can see, its design looks quite similar to its earlier models. It has retained the curved corners of the rectangular design of series 2 and the original Apple Watch. They almost have the same dimension and weight, and the same fitness-tracking gyroscope sensors, accelerometer, and heart rate monitor.

The watch is size-wise as you can get a 38 mm size or a 42 mm sized models. As for the GPS and Cellular variant of the 42 mm model, it weighs around 38 g and has a dimension of 43 x 36 x 11mm which is a bit sleeker than the previous model.

​One of the main changes in its physical design that sticks out like a sore thumb is the big red dot on the watch’s Digital Crown. Apple said that the red dot was a mistake, but for us, we think that it’s the company’s way of differentiating the Series from the Series 2 model. And maybe another way of letting people know that you are wearing the latest model.

The Features

  • Dual-Core S3 Processor
  • 18-hours of Battery Life
  • Optical Heart Sensor
  • 50 m Water Resistant
  • 8GB Capacity
  • ​Siri Capability

The main feature of Series 3 that has attracted a lot of attention is its S3 Processor. It is much faster than the Series 2 model which is one of the reasons why it got killed off by the launch of Series 3.

The Series 3 has batter connectivity then the older versions. And with the new LTE connectivity, you can get notified through this watch even if you have forgotten your phone at home. You can even receive phone calls through your watch, but you need to connect it to a known wi-fi network.

​As for its battery life, it can last for 18 hours a day if you avoid using the GPS workout or making calls frequently. Using these features frequently will feed more on the battery life making the watch last for only several hours. But if battery life is not a concern, this won’t be a problem for you.

The optical heart sensor and water resistant features are quite handy if you are doing a workout. The watch can monitor your heartbeat and will even notify if your body needs to take a break.

If you are running, biking, or taking long walks while raining, you no longer have to worry about your watch breaking as it is waterproof to up to 50m.

And as for its storage capacity, come with an 8GB of storage capacity for GPS type watch, and 16GB of storage capacity for LTE type watch. The doubled storage capacity on the LTE versions is to allow the users to sync the music tracks from their iPhones, into their Watch app for offline playback.

​And for the first time in the Apple Watches, Siri now has a voice that can directly speak to you from your watch.

The Performance

  • WatchOS 4, but now can be upgraded to watchOS 5
  •  Network Connection

The Series 3 now have a renovated version of Siri from the discontinued Series 2 model. It has Siri watch face that will show all the information you need for the day.

Having a wrist-bound helper, which is Siri on the watch can be a really big advantage for you if you can’t use your hands at the moment. You can even make phone calls while driving without risking yourself getting caught by the cops.

Siri is made possible because of the S3 processor which is said to be 70% much faster than its predecessor. And as for the network connection.

​However, there have been some reports from the users that the LTE version has a lackluster or spotty LTE connectivity. They have experienced having issues in receiving and making phone calls. The users said that it could be fixed, but it won’t be as smooth as you expect it to.

Final Thoughts:

  • ​Dust and Water Resistant
  • check
    ​Siri is working
  • check
    ​Powered by an S3 Processor
  • check
    ​Great for a GPS workout
  • check
    ​Can receive and make phone calls
  • check
    ​Can be upgraded to the latest operating system

​Apple Company has been making sure that all their customers only use the best of the best devices out there, and that is why Apple watch Series 3 came with a lot of new features especially the high-performance S3 Chip.

  • ​The battery life drains quickly when GPS or LTE is being used
  • ​Siri is a bit patchy
  • ​The red dot on the Crown can be a bit distracting and annoying

Like all the other products out there, the Apple watch series 3 also has its fair share of disadvantages. Since there have been reports on the LTE version that the watch has issues on phone calls, and sometimes on the other apps, it may have also somehow affected the performance of Siri.

Siri only works smooth if there is a good network connection, but because of the issues on the Series 3’s connection, it is possible that it may be the problem why Siri is said to be patchy.

Another concern on the watch is the red dot on the crown. Some users don’t have a problem with it, but to a lot, it can be quite frustrating to them. The big red dot can clash on the watch’s band and watch cases, which makes the smartwatch look odd.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch 4

Apple has finally unveiled their latest Apple Watch, which is the predecessor of Apple Watch 3, the Series 4. From a larger screen display to a second gen heart sensor that can measure different kinds of health metrics, the latest Apple smartwatch will provide you with a whole lot of new features.

On September 12, 2018, series 4 was announced, along with the new iPhones that it will be on sale on September 21st. The New Watch comes with bigger, edge-to-edge screen and lot of loops and bands to customize your own Apple Watch.

The Design

  • Larger Screen
  • 10.7mm thin
  •  It has a new Crown

When it comes to its physical appearance, you will notice that it still has a bit of similarity from Series 3, but the differences are much more noticeable, such as the larger screen. The screen is bigger and it stretches from end-to-end with better resolution as it offers more vivid, colorful, and brightly pin-sharp.

Aside from the bigger screen, it is also thinner than the previous model by 0.7mm.

Choosing any of the available colors of the watches will not affect the current price of it, so you should choose the one that would suit you the most. It is available in silver, space gray, and gold color.

Here’s another great thing about the new watch, it now has a new crown! The new crown is now much thinner and smaller than the Series 3’s crown. It still looks similar than the old one, but it now actually has haptic feedback.

​Having a haptic feedback doesn’t make a lot of difference from its former one, it still functions like before, but now you can feel the crown click when you scroll it from item to item.

The Features

  • 64-Bit Dual-Core S4 Processor
  • 18-hours of Battery Life
  • Second Generation Optical Heart Sensor
  • 50 m Water Resistant
  • 16GB Capacity
  •  Great Siri Performance

Since this is a new upgraded Apple Watch, you can expect t to have a lot of new features on its system. The new Series 4 now actually runs on the new iOS which is the WatchOS 5. The Series 3 runs on WatchOS 4, but you can now upgrade it to watchOS 5.

The battery life hasn’t changed, it still has 18-hours of life, but it can last longer when the GPS or LTE is turned on. On Series 3, when you use the watch for a GPS for a workout or making and receiving calls, the battery life would usually last for maybe 7 hours or even less. But with the Series 4, it can last a bit longer than 10 hours.

The new heart sensor of the series four performs much better. Aside from checking your heartbeat automatically, it can notify you if you have an unregular heartbeat.

Like its previous version, this watch can also resist water to up to 50m. The storage capacity of the new Series 4 is twice larger than the 8GB of the Series 3; it can now hold for up to 16GB which allows you to sync more music and more.

​On the Series 4, if you want to ask Siri for help, you no longer have to say “Hey Siri?” for it to respond to you. Just speak directly to it, and the smartwatch will light up, listens to what you are saying, and responds to it.

The Performance

  • Awesome Network Performance
  • Two times faster than Series 3
  • Great Bluetooth connection
  •  50% louder speaker

As for the device’s performance, you should expect it to be much quicker than the Apple watch series 3. As we have already mentioned, this is a smartwatch that is equipped with a 64-bit dual-core processor! Its speed will be twice faster than the old model.

Also, it is now equipped with a W3 chip; it means that you can now download content much faster via Bluetooth. You’ll notice that it is more efficient and now uses less power than before.

​In addition to its processing units, Apple also improved the Watch’s speaker to up to 50%. If Siri talks, you can now actually hear her much clearer and louder than before, so loud that you would wish that you can turn down the watch’s volume.

Final Thoughts:

  • ​Twice faster than the older model
  • check
    ​Better Siri functionality
  • check
    ​Dust and Water Resistant
  • check
    ​Calls are now better than ever
  • check
    ​50% louder speaker
  • check
    ​Larger Screen
  • check
    ​It can now detect falls

Since this product is a new and improved version of the Series 3, the new upgrades and features would not disappoint you.

It now has a much larger screen for better visual, the speaker is now 50% louder for a louder and clearer hearing, you can even use it when raining or doing water sports, and the watch also detect you fall accidentally or purposefully.

​If it senses that you didn’t move for one minute, it will automatically send a message or make a call to one of your saved emergency numbers.

  • ​Expensive
  • ​The thickness didn’t make much difference
  • ​The battery life could have been improved

​There aren’t many disadvantages on the new Apple watch model, But it a little bit pricey. Also, Apple could have improved its battery life for more convenience.


If you ask us which is the best Apple watch product to have, then we choose the Series 4 model. It has a better network connection, louder speaker for better phone-free calls, larger face display, have a top-end heart monitor and so much more.

​But if you are not actually interested in these new features, you can get the older version as it is much cheaper but still capable of a lot of things.

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